Three Years in Michigan

Wow! It’s been a year. It’s hard to believe that I have only been in Ann Arbor for three years. I’ve done a lot and settled in with a new home and a new car. I feel so suburban. My suburban utopia nurtures me as I try to get a lot done.   This was a traveling year as I connected with Black British artists and establishing new collaborators for the Living Lakes (Jonathan Girling) and Ayanna Kelly (Errollyn Wallen) and developed the Dance One UK website with Mercy Nabirye and Adesola Akinyele. I also traveled to Oaxaca with the inimitable Holly Hughes and 4 amazing art students.

Ybor City had a first workshop production at the University of Michigan directed by John Seibert with choreography by Ron DeJesus.

But mostly its about reaching out and expanding the network. Connecting NYC with Chicago and LA and finding new homes in Birmingham UK and London. Trying to remain close with Mexico and Andrea Valeria while remembering good work from the past with Serafin Aponte and Francine Kelly. We lost some good artists this year. Laurie Carlos has transitioned…

So I’m taking a breath and thinking about what’s next. The Humanities Center has offered me a fellowship so I will have a year to think and write. Let me breathe and realign with artists doing activism as we enter the new era. The 45th President is in the house and new challenges lie ahead. Breathe and make art.



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